Mushroom Orzo Risotto

  Mushrooms ! one of the superfoods in today's healthy eating generation. Mushrooms are packed with full of goodness. They help to boost immune system, high in vitamins and minerals, good source of selenium (helps to keep your hair and nails healthy), great for your gut, helps to keep your cholrestrol under check, rich in … Continue reading Mushroom Orzo Risotto


Easter special: Blackberry jam filled Vanilla cake decorated with Marzipan

Easter is the time of the year when cakes dominate our dining table. Be it a piece of chocolate cake for dessert or a nice piece of simnel cake with a hot cup of tea. Among the numerous flavours of cakes; The classic, Vanilla sponge cake wins the race every time. The simple cake that … Continue reading Easter special: Blackberry jam filled Vanilla cake decorated with Marzipan

Coffee cake with Marzipan

I am a great fan of cakes. Β It was New year's eve, in the middle of the winter; the outside temperature was just 4 degrees Celsius. All I could think of was a nice piece of cake.Who can resist a piece a of freshly baked cake? That too during the holiday season? That's when the … Continue reading Coffee cake with Marzipan

Ven pongal / Milagu Pongal

Pongal – one of the best south Indian breakfasts. Pongal is suitable for almost all kinds of people; starting from a toddler to the elderly. For me, it’s the best comfort food. That can help the sickly in their recovery process. The softness of mashed rice and lentil, along with the medicinal spices such as … Continue reading Ven pongal / Milagu Pongal